Double-ChoppIng Forage Chopper 1500

OZBUDAK double chopping forage harvesters are perfectly fit for the silage of all green forage plants(barley, wheat, oat, rye, vetch, clover).You can store these types of plants in the ideal sizes after cutting with OZBUDAK double chopping forage harvesters.

In addition to this, you can make your animals eat healthy and nutritious feeds with a daily mowing in the green forage period. Thanks to the durable, high-performance transmission box on OZBUDAK double chopping forage harvesters completely produced by ourselves, you can easily make silage without exhausting your tractor.

The moving blades of OZBUDAK double chopping forage harvesters made of special steel reduce the fractures to minimum by throwing back the hard objects that interrupt during the mowing process. Also produced from very special steel, the chopping blades cut the material and mow for the second time in order to obtain the healthy silage size.

As in our other products with OZBUDAK brand, we produce the hundred percent of our machines with our wide range of machine parkour. From its blades to the transmissions, all the parts are manufactured in our factory.

As a matter of fact, the ability of our machine to operate with small horsepower tractors is reflected in the fuel. it operates with minimum fuel consumption and it is an another plus to our customers.


OZDGH001 Technical Features
Length(mm): 1850Weight(kgs): 1150Height(mm): 3000Width(mm): 2500Working Width(mm): 1500
Fan Blades: 8 pcsCapacity (ton/hour): 20-25PTO: 540Power Requirement: 75 hpMowing Blades: 24 pcs