3.5 Vertıcal Mıxer

OZBUDAK vertical mixers are essential for dairy and livestock breeders, it easily provides the required shredding of stalks, alfalfa, oats, grass, bale packages in a short time and without forcing the tractor, it is suitable for both large and small scale livestock breeders.

When silage, beet pul pare added you will obtain a perfect homogeneous mixture. Electronic weighing system, hydraulic loading bucket and independent hydraulic oil tank system are available as an option. According to electric motor in machines it provide less consumption cost and quiet operation and increases the productivity and profitability of farmers and enterprises.

Our fixed and mobile feed mixers are designed for farmers and large enterprises, they prepare homogeneously large amounts of feed, silage and bale in a short time.

As in our other products with OZBUDAK brand, we produce the hundred percent of our machines with our wide range of machine parkour. From its blades to the transmissions, all the parts are manufactured in our factory.

As a matter of fact, the ability of our machine to operate with small horse powered tractors is reflected in the fuel. it operates with minimum fuel consumption and it is an another plus to our customers.


OZVM002 Technical Features
Capacity: 3.5 m3Length(mm): 4620Height(mm): 2200Width(mm): 1900Weight(kgs): 10290
Auger Type: VerticalBlades & Type: 9pcs TriangleAuger RPM: 540/17Auger Diameter(mm): 1560Power Requirement(hp): 30
Side Discharge: StandardClamsell Bucket: Standard