There are two types of chopping blade systems on OZBUDAK grass flail mulchers.

First group of blades are used for chopping the parts of the plants such as cotton, pepper, tomato, etc. remaining in the field and to distribute it to the field ground.

The second group of blades is used in chopping potato and the turnip, the plants on which the lifting machine is operated after cutting.

OZBUDAK grass flail mulchers breaks down the green body of the potatoes and the weeds in the field before harvesting the potato and distributes them homogeneously to the field surface thanks to its superior spinning ability and creates a healthy operating environment for the potato harvest.

After the lifting of the potato, the potato hiding under the weeds evenly distributed on the surface of the field as small parts is prevented. This provides workmanship saving.

OZBUDAK grass flail mulchers is connected to the tractor with three-point suspension system. Thanks to the roller behind, it breaks the gyrostats and allows the lifting machine to make a better sifting.

As in our other products with OZBUDAK brand, we produce the hundred percent of our machines with our wide range of machine parkour. From its blades to the transmissions, all the parts are manufactured in our factory.

As a matter of fact, the ability of our machine to operate with small horsepower tractors is reflected  in the fuel. it operates with minimum fuel consumption and it is an another plus to our customers.


OZGFM002 Technical Features
Length(mm): 1260Weight(kgs): 550Height(mm): 1150Width(mm): 3220Working Width(mm): 3000Mowing Blades: 56 pcs
PTO: 540Power Requirement: 60 hpTyre: 500×8