OZBUDAK rotary rakes provide clean fodders without earth and stones. These fodders are perfect for baling machines to easily create the bales. Bales free of foreign materials will make the animals healthier.

OZBUDAK rotory rakes offer working widths of 3.30 to 7.80m.

With the option of pivoting, fixed three point linkage mounting to suit all your needs.

The rakes have mechanical height adjustment via a crank, with the possibility of adjusting to the
individual field conditions.

For transport on the road, remove the arms and stow them on the
space-saving holders.

As in our other products with OZBUDAK brand, we produce the hundred percent of our machines
with our wide range of machine parkour. From its blades to the transmissions, all the parts are
manufactured in our factory.

As a matter of fact, the ability of our machine to operate with small horsepower tractors is reflected in the fuel. it operates with minimum fuel consumption and it is an another plus to our customers.


OZRR001 Technical Features
Length(mm): 2500Height(mm): 1500Weight(kgs): 390Working Width(mm): 3200
Power Requirement(hp): 45PTO:540Rotor: 1 pcsArms: 9 pcs
Transport Width(mm): 1300Tyre: 2 pcs